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Ikebana International


Ikebana International celebrated its 50th Anniversary in October 2006 in Japan. It is an international organization with 163 chapters located in many countries.  Monterey Bay Chapter was excited and honored to be chosen to host the 16th North American Regional Conference (NARC) in Monterey, May 11-15, 2008. Assisting us in this endeavor were members of both the San Francisco and Sacramento Chapters.

Monterey Bay Chapter is a non-profit educational and public service organization dedicated to the study and teaching of Ikebana (Japanese style flower arranging).

There are many schools of Ikebana. A formal school of Ikebana was established in the 15th Century in Kyoto, Japan, at the site of the present Ikenobo school. Ikenobo continues to be one of the leading Ikebana schools today. Other schools in California include Aratame, Enshu, Ichiyo, Ohara, Sogetsu and WafuKai. Today there are more than 3,000 Ikebana schools worldwide. In the Monterey Bay area we have classes conducted by member teachers in the Ikenobo, Ohara and Sogetsu Schools.

We are located on the central coast of California and our members live in small towns including Carmel, Pebble Beach, Monterey, Seaside, Salinas, Carmel Valley, Pacific Grove, Marina and as far away as San Jose, Cupertino, Campbell and Santa Clara.

Currently our meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month, September through May at Pebble Beach Community Service District  at 3101 Forest Lake Road, CA 93953, Corner of Lopez and Forest Lake.  Anyone who is interested in the beautiful art of Ikebana is welcome. Our meetings consist of demonstrations of Ikebana or workshops and some other related Japanese arts or crafts.

Community Projects

Elementary School workshops

Arrangements at Westland's Hospice House, Monterey

Weekly Arrangement at La Mirada Museum

Community Demonstrations

Our motto is:


We invite all who are interested in this beautiful art form to join our organization.

Headquarters in Tokyo

Ikebana International Websites: 

Ikebana International Headquarters: http://www.ikebanahq.org

Ikebana International North American Region: http://www.iinar.org/


Ikebana International Chapters:

Asheville, NC - http:/www.ikebanaashville.org

Boston, MA - http://www.ikebanaboston.org/

Canton, OH - http://www.ikebanancanton.org/livepage.apple.com

Chicago, IL - http://chicagoikebana.org/

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX - http://www.ikebana-dfw.org/

Detroit, MI - http://www.ikebanadetroit.org

Honolulu, HI - http://ikebana-hawaii.org/

Melbourne Australia - http://www.ikebanamelbourne.com/

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN - http://www.ikebana-minneapolis-stpaul.com/

Naples, FL -

New York, NY - http://www.ikebanany.org/

Philadelphia, PA - http://www.ikebana-philadelphia.org/

Portland, OR - http://www.iiportlandchapter47.com/

Richmond,VA - 


San Francisco Bay Area, CA - http://www.ikebana.org/ 

Sarasota, FL - http://www.iisarasota.com/   

Seattle, WA - http://www.iiseattlechapter19.com/

St.Petersburg St, FL -


Sun City, AZ - http://www.iisuncity.org/contact_us/

Toronto Canada - http://www.ikebana-toronto.com/

Washington, D.C. - http://www.ikebana-dc.org/

Orlando, FL - http://www.ikebanaorlando.com/

Seattle, WA - http://www.iiseattlechapter19.com/

St. Petersburg, FL -

Ikebana School Websites:

Sogetsu Headquarters:  http://www.sogetsu.or.jp/english/index.html

Ichiyo Headquarters: http://www.ichiyo-ikebana-school.com/indexe.html 

Ichiyo Atlanta Chapter - http://www.ichiyoart.com/index.html

Ikenobo Headquarters: http://www.ikenobo.jp/english/index.html

Ohara Headquarters:   http://www.ohararyu.or.jp/english/index_e.html
WafuKai School

Photos by Betty Jetter



Monterey Bay Chapter 231

Founded 1988

june matsuoka